Решихме да започнем този блог с пост за човекa, който промени света на модата. Той беше светило, от най-големите. Напусна ни буквално преди дни, а ние, макар много далеч от него, изпитахме тъга. А и няма как да е различно, ако гориш в света на модата. Денят, в който Карл Лагерфелд си отиде ще се помни от всички. Много известни личности от цял свят постваха в Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Светът на модата изгуби много, и за да бъдат по-силни думите предаваме част от тях в оригинал:

Kendall Jenner

“Today is the only full super moon in Virgo this year — what an honor to be a part of your beautiful shows. what an honor to be your bride. what an honor to be your friend.  RIP Karl, you are greatness in its purest form. we will remember you forever indeed, Virgo”. Поста може да видите тук.

Miley Cyrus

“Karl Lagerfeld  You will never be forgotten . . . & forever, you’ll be missed. In recent years, We have and will continue to lose so many legends . . . time goes by and inevitably we lose the ones who paved the path before us to thrive. This changes everything . . . we have to take responsibility, step in and step up . . . we have to use more compassionate resources, we have to sustain, we have to get creative – make something new while honoring the hard work done for us . . . we have to do what pioneers like Karl would want us to do – make big impacts and change the world thru fashion! #NoFur #Sustainability #LoveAllWomen #LoveAllBodies #LoveOnly”. Поста може да видите тук.

Karlie Kloss

“The only thing more inspiring than #karllagerfeld’s prolific creative genius was his kind heart, generosity and irreverent spirit! His mark on the fashion industry will live on forever, his loss resonates deeply with all who had the privilege to work with him ”. Поста може да видите тук.

Nicole Kidman

“‘I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth.’ Today the world lost a true icon and innovative designer. RIP Karl Lagerfeld”. Поста може да видите тук.

Cindy Crawford

“@karllagerfeld your incredible talent and joie de vivre will be missed by all of us who love fashion and you ”. Поста може да видите тук.

Donatella Versace

“Karl your genius touched the lives of so many, especially Gianni and I. We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration. We were always learning from you.” Поста може да видите тук.

Naomi Campbell

“Karl . . . too many memories to write . . . , I THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! For taking the chance on 16 year old girl from South London and opening my eyes. May you Rest with Highest @karllagerfeld @chanelofficial @fendi @chloe”. Поста може да видите тук.

Zac Posen

“#KarlLagerfeld #RIP . My respect and condolences to the brilliant prolific master. #endofanera  photo by #helmutnewton” Поста може да видите тук.

Alexa Chung

“Rest in peace, Karl. I remember being so scared to interview you and yet you were in fact incredibly witty and generous. Thank you for inviting me to some of the most glamorous experiences of my life, it was an honour to know you. Oh yeah and thanks for the dry shampoo tip, will always think of you as I powder my wig. ”. Поста може да видите тук.

Margot Robbie

“A heavy heart today over the loss of a true icon. Karl’s creativity, energy and tireless spirit knew no bounds. It was an honor to work with him and to watch him work. I will forever cherish those memories. My thoughts are with his family, friends and our Chanel family”. Поста може да видите тук.

Cara Delevingne

“Every time I try and write about this man, all i do is cry. He changed my life, he believed in me when so many others didn’t including myself. He also introduced me to some of the most important and special people in my life. He is a visionary, a genius but more than that…. a dear friend. Outside of fashion, he was one of the most interesting and caring men I have ever met. I am so lucky and grateful to have had him in my life, worked with him and been able to spend time with him…. Although now, I wish it had been more. His legacy will live on forever. I miss you more than I could ever try and describe. I wish I had been able to tell you how much you meant to me. I love you @karllagerfeld all I can say is thank for the bottom of my heart ”. Поста може да видите тук.

Kylie Minogue

“@karllagerfeld … I loved working with you. Unique, masterful, funny and generous. RIP ” Поста може да видите тук.

Sarah Jessica Parker

“Oh Mr. Lagerfeld,
In your company-
Watching you work-
Sitting beside you-
Sharing a meal-
Being shot by you-
Being fitted-
Watching a show-
Often in awe.
Constantly dazzled
Frequently shy
Always a privilege.
There is no replacement.
Just countless memories of your extraordinary and tireless work.
They broke the mold.
Aren’t we all lucky to have known and admired you so.

Поста може да видите тук.


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